Image bm337.GIF Dialogs
Image bm485.GIF window caption
Image bm486.GIF information text
The window caption and information text elements are text variables representing the text displayed on the upper and lower window border. The variables can both be read and entered. The status bar on the window lower border will be displayed only if the information text is not empty. If the status bar is to be displayed without any text, a space character has to be displayed.
Image bm487.GIF confirmation dialog
Image bm488.GIF enter text dialog
Image bm489.GIF enter file to open
Image bm490.GIF enter file to save
Image bm491.GIF delete element/window
The delete element/window command serves to delete a dialog element or a dialog window. As a command parameter an element or a window identification number is entered.
Image bm492.GIF element identification number
The element number element is a numeric variable indicating, which dialog element or dialog window it will be manipulated with (dimension changes etc.). After a dialog window or a dialog element is created, the variable is automatically set to the newly created window/element. As an identification number the number returned by the window/element operation is used. A special case is the number 0, which is the program main window identification number. The properties of the program main window can be adjusted, but the window cannot be deleted. Another special case is the number -1, identifying the Windows desktop. This number serves only to find out the Windows desktop user size (without border bars; elements internal width and internal height), and to find out the display dimensions (elements width and height). No other operations can be carried out with the desktop.
Image bm493.GIF graphic background
The graphic background element is a logic switch. If it is set, the program graphic surface is displayed instead of the unicolored background of the main window in the dialog mode. Thus the Peter application’s graphics can be combined with dialog elements.
Image bm494.GIF functions common for all dialog elements
Image bm495.GIF windows
Image bm496.GIF buttons
Image bm497.GIF texts and pictures
Image bm498.GIF listboxes

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