Image bm497.GIF Texts and Pictures
Image bm564.GIF create edit line
Image bm565.GIF create edit field
Image bm566.GIF create edit field without wrap
Image bm567.GIF create RichEdit editor
Image bm568.GIF create text
Image bm569.GIF create centered text
Image bm570.GIF create right aligned text
Image bm571.GIF create icon
Image bm572.GIF create picture
Image bm573.GIF create progressbar
The create... program elements create a dialog element the visibility of which is switched off, return the element identification number and set it as a selected element for the subsequent operations.
The edit field without wrap differs from the usual edit field by the facts that it doesn't wrap long rows according to the window, it supports text searching with the Ctrl+F/F3 keys and text length is not limited.
The RichEdit editor element is an editing field supporting a text having changeable color and changeable font size or style. A text in the RichEdit form can be created by the text editor WordPad, which is a part of the Windows operation system, or the Word editor. The text has to be stored in the RichEdit format (RTF file extension) in the Peter application TEXT text library. A file can be loaded into the program from the library like a normal text file. In the Peter application editor a file is displayed together with the RichEdit format control codes. Following a program entry into the RichEdit element the text will be displayed in the proper form. The RichEdit element supports text searching with the Ctrl+F/F3 keys.
The create picture element creates a picture in the dialog window. Unlike the icon, which uses only the basic set of the Windows colors (20 colors) in the screen graphic mode of 256 colors, a picture enables to display all colors in the full range. On displaying a picture the dimensions of the picture window element are determinative; the real picture dimensions will be adapted to them.
The create progressbar element creates an indicator of an operation progress. The value of the progressbar can both be read and entered by the actual position element in the range from 0 to 1. The progressbar can be horizontally oriented only.

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