Editing an Item and a Picture
Edit Panel
On editing items or pictures a field for color selection is displayed in the lower part of the editing area in addition the graphic editing field. During painting, the left and the right mouse button can be assigned two mutually independent colors. In addition to normal colors a transparent color can be used, which is supposed to secure the visibility of the sprites and the graphic layer. Applied to pictures, it enables to combine the overlapping with a partial visibility of the original contents. The shadow color causes a shadow effect: repainting a picture containing a shadow makes the original color darker in those portions where there is the shadow color in the picture.
Image bm100.GIF
Image bm37.GIF      Dimensions Sets picture general dimensions (only when editing a picture).
Image bm40.GIF      Raster Turns on/off the orientation raster display.
Image bm50.GIF      Edit Edits the picture or its part (resize, rotation, color exchange).
Image bm51.GIF      Block Stamp Stamps the block to the picture.
Edit Modes
Image bm52.GIF      Pen Draws with the pen.
Image bm53.GIF      Line Draws a line.
Image bm54.GIF      Box Draws a box.
Image bm55.GIF      Filled Box Draws a filled box.
Image bm56.GIF      Circle Draws a circle.
Image bm57.GIF      Filled Circle Draws a filled circle.
Image bm58.GIF      Ellipse Draws an ellipse.
Image bm59.GIF      Filled Ellipse Draws a filled ellipse.
Image bm60.GIF      Sphere Draws a sphere.
Image bm61.GIF      Selection Marks the determined part as selected (left mouse button = move, right mouse button = copy).
Image bm62.GIF      Spray Draws with the spray (profuseness is determined by selected line thickness).
Image bm63.GIF      Pipette Sets the color beneath the cursor as selected.
Image bm64.GIF      Filler Fills the surface by a color.
Image bm65.GIF      Text Writes the text.
Line Thickness
Image bm66.GIF      Thickness 1 Pixel Draws the lines with a thickness of 1 pixel.
Image bm67.GIF      Thickness 2 Pixels Draws the lines with a thickness of 2 pixels.
Image bm68.GIF      Thickness 5 Pixels Draws the lines with a thickness of 5 pixels.
Image bm69.GIF      Thickness 9 Pixels Draws the lines with a thickness of 9 pixels.
Image bm70.GIF      Thickness 21 Pixels Draws the lines with a thickness of 21 pixels.
When marking a picture portion as a block selected by the left mouse button the contents below the block will be filled with the right button color (block transfer). If selected by the right mouse button the contents below the block will remain unchanged (block copy). The right button color before marking the block is used as a background color; the dots of this color, being transparent, are not incorporated in the block. By additional change of the right button color (before unselecting the block marking) even the color in the original block position will be changed without changing the color of the block's transparent dots. Similarly, when returning the block from the clipboard the color of the right mouse button at the moment of the block returning is decisive. By following marking with the left mouse button or by pressing the right button the block marking will be cancelled and the block remains placed.
When putting a whole picture to the clipboard it is not necessary to mark it. The whole picture will be copied automatically.
When selecting the function of the text writing a dialog window for the font selection will be displayed first. Both the size and the style of the font may be selected. The font color is determined by the color for the left mouse button. It may be changed even additionally before placing the text. The text is entered in a block. A block can be moved as a normal selection block. The text entering will be completed by pressing the right mouse button or by pressing Enter. By pressing Esc the text specification will be discontinued, the text will be cancelled. During entering the text individual characters may be deleted by pressing Back Space. To enter several similar texts the merit of the block stamp function can be utilized. The text can be changed and stamped without having to call up the font type selection again.
During the editing of a picture or an item the current cursor position is displayed in the main window information field. In the case of an item the position is displayed in graphic pixels. In the case of a picture the position is displayed either in graphic pixels or in steps depending on the setting of the picture dimensions unit selector.

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