Picture Dimensions
Editing an Item and a Picture
Image bm101.GIF
The picture dimensions can be changed during picture editing. The picture width and height can be specified either in steps (a unity distance corresponding to 32 graphic pixels) or in graphic pixels. When specifying the dimensions in steps they can be specified by a decimal number. The maximum dimension value is 1024 steps, corresponding to 32768 graphic pixels.
The setting of the dimension unit selector affects at the same time the units for displaying the cursor coordinates in the picture editor. To change the selector function to this purpose it is sufficient to press the Cancel button after the selection has been made without the necessity of confirming by OK.
When changing the picture dimensions, the picture left lower corner will be maintained. When extending the picture dimensions, the picture will be completed from the right side as well from above by a transparent color. When diminishing the picture dimensions the picture will be clipped from the right side and from above.

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