Structural Elements of a Program
Image bm138.GIF step
Image bm139.GIF left
Image bm140.GIF right
Image bm141.GIF turn about
Image bm142.GIF visible
Image bm143.GIF item in front of Lucy
Image bm144.GIF horizontal position
Image bm145.GIF vertical position
Image bm146.GIF direction
Image bm147.GIF item on Lucy's position
Image bm148.GIF numeric value 1 (range 0 to 1023)
Image bm149.GIF numeric value 2 (range 0 to 1023))
Image bm150.GIF numeric value 3 (range 0 to 127)
Image bm151.GIF flag 1
Image bm152.GIF flag 2
Image bm153.GIF flag 3
Image bm154.GIF flag 4
Image bm155.GIF flag 5

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