Image bm145.GIF Vertical position of Lucy
The vertical position of Lucy element represents Lucy's coordinate in the vertical direction on the sheet. The element can be treated as a normal numeric variable. By using it in a numeric term Lucy's current coordinate (changing during the shift to a new position) can be found out. By using the element as a command a new vertical coordinate of Lucy can be set. If Lucy is not visible, she will shift to the new position immediately. If she is visible, she will start shifting in an animated condition according to the Lucy sprite definition. By doing this, she will not wait for completing the former shift; the shift will start immediately. The commands to change the horizontal and the vertical coordinates may be entered immediately one after another, thus accomplishing the shift to the destination position in the diagonal direction. If Lucy needs to be stopped, it may be done so by setting a new position to her current position (i.e. to assign the coordinates to themselves). Unlike in case of the command for executing a step it is now possible to shift Lucy even outside the sheet.

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