Image bm138.GIF Lucy - Step
By entering the Lucy - step command Lucy will carry out a step forwards in the direction of her position after rotation. No step will be executed outside the sheet boundaries. The length of one step corresponds to the distance of two neighboring squares (i.e. 32 graphic pixels). The final position for the step destination is rounded to units of squares. Normally Lucy can be rotated in 4 directions (right, up, left, down). By redefining the sprite of Lucy the number of possible directions can be augmented to 8, Lucy being able to step diagonally, too. After starting Lucy's step the program continues running without waiting for its completion. By this property it differs from the execution of Peter's step, where the program does not continue until the step is completed. In case a preceding command to step or to shift to a specified coordinate has been given Lucy will first finish the shift before doing the step.

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