Editing a Sprite
Edit Panel
Image bm105.GIF
Image bm71.GIF      Properties Sets properties of the sprite (number of phases, directions, ...).
Image bm72.GIF      Test Starts test mode of the sprite.
A sprite represents a movable object. When displaying it in the editor, the individual sprite pictures are divided in rows according to the direction of rotation. The positions in a row  are divided into two groups. In the first group there are animation phases during the sprite standstill, in the second group there are animation phases during the sprite motion.
Individual pictures within the sprite editing field can be dragged over with the mouse. Dragging a picture with the left mouse button causes a picture transfer to some other location (the picture will be interchanged against the original picture in the new position) or a sprite removal by dragging it outside the sprite sheet. By dragging with the right mouse button the picture will be copied to the new position.
By double clicking the sprite picture with the left mouse button the sprite picture editing is called up.
During editing a sprite the cursor current position is displayed in the main window information field. The coordinates are specified to indicate the picture position in horizontal and vertical directions. The position indication in horizontal direction corresponds to the absolute phase indication.
In the sprite test mode a window containing a sprite is displayed. By clicking with the mouse button into the window the sprite can be moved on the sheet thus enabling to inspect its appearance and behavior.
Note: Sprites can be generated, too.

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