Editing a Sheet
Edit Panel
Image bm37.GIF      Dimensions Sets general dimensions of the sheet.
Image bm38.GIF      Editing Turns on/off the editing mode of the sheet items (otherwise moving).
Image bm39.GIF      Filling Turns on/off the mode of filling the sheet with the item.
Image bm40.GIF      Raster Turns on/off the orientation raster display.
Edit Modes
Image bm41.GIF      Items Edits items on the sheet.
Image bm42.GIF      Flag 1 Edits the flag 1.
Image bm43.GIF      Flag 2 Edits the flag 2.
Image bm44.GIF      Flag 3 Edits the flag 3.
Image bm45.GIF      Flag 4 Edits the flag 4.
Image bm46.GIF      Flag 5 Edits the flag 5.
Image bm47.GIF      Numeric Value 1 Edits the numeric value 1 (range 0 to 1023).
Image bm48.GIF      Numeric Value 2 Edits the numeric value 2 (range 0 to 1023).
Image bm49.GIF      Numeric Value 3 Edits the numeric value 3 (range 0 to 127).
With the square editing mode switched off it is possible to modify the sheet area. Each square may include an item, 5 logic flags and 3 numeric values. By means of the mouse the squares (including their contents) can be dragged over the sheet. The squares are moved within the sheet by dragging with depressed left mouse button, the square on the new position being transferred to the original position of the square dragged over  -  the squares will be interchanged. By dragging with the right mouse button the square will be copied to the new position, the contents of the original position will remain unchanged. By moving a square by the left mouse button outside the sheet the square will be deleted, and the empty square item is will be set to the original square position. Onto the sheet items from the field of global variables and functions may be dragged over. By clicking on the square (without dragging) in this field the cursor is moved to the item that is included in the square.
With the square editing mode switched on, by clicking with the mouse button on the square the square contents is edited according to the editing mode preset. Editing items is commenced by clicking on the square. In editing a switch, the switch state is changed by clicking on the square. In editing numeric values the numeric value editing is induced. Any integer ranging from 0 till 1023 (for Numeric Value 1 and 2), or from 0 till 127 (for Numeric Value 3) can be specified. By means of the arrow keys the editing square can be moved to edit numbers within the whole sheet. The editing procedure can be terminated by pressing Enter or Esc.
The function of the sheet filling makes it possible to fill out a sheet portion with one square. In this mode the mouse cursor is set on the square, with which a sheet portion is supposed to be filled out. The left or right mouse button is pressed, and by dragging the square the section to be filled out is marked. After releasing the mouse button the marked section will be filled by the desired square.

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