Parameters of Files and Folders
Image bm1039.GIF size of file
Image bm1040.GIF attribute R/O (read-only)
Image bm1041.GIF attribute ARC (archive)
Image bm1042.GIF attribute HID (hidden)
Image bm1043.GIF attribute SYS (system)
Image bm1044.GIF attribute DIR (folder, directory)
Image bm1045.GIF attribute TEMP (temporary)
Image bm1046.GIF attribute COMP (compressed)
Image bm1047.GIF attribute OFF (offline)
Image bm1048.GIF date and time creation
Image bm1049.GIF last access date and time
Image bm1050.GIF last write date and time
Image bm1051.GIF nickname (alias)
The elements intended for servicing the file parameters use the name definitions of files for reading and writing. When reading an element value this value is retrieved from the file/folder for reading; when writing a value into an element this value is set in the file/folder for writing. If an operation error occurs, the operation error flag will be set.
From among the attributes following attributes only may be set: R/O, ARC, HID and SYS (logic value), whereas following attributes may be read only: DIR, TEMP, COMP and OFF.
The "nicknames" (aliases) are alternative multi-lingual file names. Each file can possess beside its normal file name a nickname, too, under which it is presented to the user. This nickname may be different for every language. A file can possess a short name (8 characters), thus making possible to use long names even in systems not supporting long names (older Novell networks, another language version of the operational system, CD-ROM). The nicknames are stored in the ALIASES.INI file, which is located in the same folder as the file/folder. By writing the text into the nickname element the alternative name of the file/folder for writing is recorded according to the program language active setting. By reading the text out of the element the nickname of the file/folder for reading may be found out corresponding to the active language or corresponding to another nearest language.

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