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Program Control - Extension
The language element is instrumental for finding or setting the language the running program is working with. The Peter application enables to generate multilingual programs. When entering texts (element descriptions or text variable services) these text are valid for the language to which the Peter application is switched. By switching over the language, the texts, too are switched to the relevant language. When starting a program that language is switched on that corresponds to the current Windows system setting ("local setting") or that corresponds to the language currently used by the Peter application, if the program has been started from the Peter application environment. The texts written by the program are used according to the language to which the program is switched. If there are no texts available for the currently set language, texts for the nearest language are used.
A language is specified in the numeric LANGID code (used in the Windows system):
2 Bulgarian
5 Czech
6 Danish
7 German
8 Greek
9 English
10 Spanish
11 Finnish
12 French
14 Hungarian
15 Icelandic
16 Italian
19 Dutch
20 Norwegian
21 Polish
22 Portuguese
24 Romanian
25 Russian
26 Serbo-Croat
27 Slovak
28 Albanian
29 Swedish
31 Turkish
By setting to 0 the default language is selected (the real language code being returned).
By setting an language the character set of the texts displayed is changed, too.

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