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Peter is a visual programming tool designed for easy and quick creation of applications for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP.  Its main characteristic is the graphical representation of the program structure. The program is implemented by putting program elements together. The linkage between the elements is checked already during the program creation, thus avoiding the necessity of the command syntax knowledge and the chance of syntax error occurrence. This makes it possible to enhance the program lucidity and to speed up and to facilitate its creation.
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Another important feature of Peter programming tool is using high-level operations. The individual structure elements of the program are conceived to reach maximum program performance and usefulness by exerting minimum effort. Low till medium complexity applications for the Windows environment can be created rather easily. This concerns above all the multimedia oriented applications, games, dialog windows and console applications.
The Peter programming tool is intended for the widest constituency of computer users as the basic means of creating own single-purpose applications, and even for creating professional level applications. For exploiting  it no programming knowledge or any other knowledge from the computer engineering area is required. It can be used even by children of the pre-school age as the principal means for getting acquainted with the computer. Thanks to the richness of its facilities it is a suitable tool for all age categories of computer users. Thanks to the simplicity and operation speed it is a suitable addition for experienced programmers as a supplementary programming instrument.
The program created by the Peter programming tool is a direct EXE type program for Windows. No further files are necessary for this program. The advantage is that the created program does not need to be compiled or modified in any way. It can be readily used or passed on to other users as a full-value application of the Windows system.

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