Editing a Text
Edit Panel
When editing a text variable a multiple line editing area is displayed intended to enter or to change a text.
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Editing operations
marking a text - Drag with the mouse, at the same time holding the mouse left button pressed.
- Shift the cursor by the arrow key, at the same time holding the Shift key.
- Double click the text with the mouse, thus marking the whole word.
- Click Ctrl+A, thus marking the whole text.
unmarking a text - Click with the mouse into the text.
- Shift the cursor with the arrow keys.
passing to a new line - Press Enter.
creating the tabulator character - Press Ctrl+I (normally not to be used; in most cases it is not supported).
deleting a text - Press Delete or Backspace key.
putting a marked text to the clipboard - Press Ctrl+C (copy) or Ctrl+X (cut).
returning a text from the clipboard - Set the cursor on the desired position and press Ctrl+V.
returning the original number - Press Ctrl+Z.
undoing the number return - Press Ctrl+Y.
On editing the text the current cursor position (line and position on the line) is displayed in the information field of the main window. The line and the position are numbered from 1, unlike the text functions, which use numbering the line and the position from the zero value.
The contents of the text variable depends on the preset language of the Peter application. The program may include texts for several languages. When starting the program in a particular language texts for this language are displayed. If the text of a variable is empty, the default language or some other language text is used.

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