Editing a Music
Edit Panel
When editing music, a time indication representing the music duration in minutes and seconds is displayed within the editing field. During playing this indication represents the time already elapsed.
Image bm104.GIF
Image bm73.GIF      Play Starts playing of the music.
Image bm74.GIF      Pause Pauses playing of the music.
Image bm75.GIF      Stop Stops playing of the music.
Image bm76.GIF      Loop Turns on/off the repetition of playing.
Image bm78.GIF      Rewind Moves playing by 10 seconds back.
Image bm79.GIF      Forward Moves playing by 10 seconds forward.
By starting the music editing in the field of global or local variables the music reproduction is initiated by pressing Enter. This enables an easy examining of a larger quantity of music by shifting the selection cursor from the keyboard and pressing Enter.

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