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The Peter system enables the operation of several users both with one computer and with computers connected in a network. This is accomplished by dividing the folders into sample folders and working ones. The sample folders include sample programs and libraries. They are common for all users. A working folder is a folder of the user, where own programs, libraries and configurations are stored by the user. The sample folders are installed in the installation folder of the Peter application, the working folders can be created anywhere. When using them, sample library files are displayed in groups designated as [examples], the sample programs are displayed together with the own programs of the user.
On adding a new user it is possible to create a copy of the starting icon in the Windows desktop; the working folder will be set to the working folder of the user. A new starting icon can be created by the following procedure: By clicking with the right mouse button on the Windows desktop the option New Object / Shell Link is called; by the Browse option the main application program named Peter.exe is found by browsing. After creating the starting icon the Properties option is called by clicking with the right mouse button on the icon. In the field "Start In:" the working folder of the user will be specified (or, by using the "Find Target" option, the folder is found by browsing or it is created).
Both in the installation (sample) and working folder the following folder organization is used:
Backup- backup of the files to be deleted or saved (a folder may be deleted as a whole)
Bool- flags
Icon- items
Map- sheets
Music- music
Number- numbers
Picture- pictures
Program- programs
Sound- sounds
Sprite- sprites
Text- text
In addition to the installation folder the Source folder can be added including source texts for generating sprites by means of the PovRay program.
By starting the Peter application directly in the installation folder it is possible to modify the sample programs and the sample library, too (That means that the working folder is identical with the sample folder). This way of starting can be called up by starting the option "Peter with modification of example library", which is available in the Start menu of the Windows system.

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