Image bm336.GIF Joystick
Image bm478.GIF X coordinate of joystick
Image bm479.GIF Y coordinate of joystick
Image bm480.GIF Z coordinate of joystick
Image bm481.GIF button 1 of joystick
Image bm482.GIF button 2 of joystick
Image bm483.GIF button 3 of joystick
Image bm484.GIF button 4 of joystick
As an element parameter a joystick number ranging between 0 and 3 be specified. If no specification is done, then default joystick number 0 will be used.
The coordinate of joystick elements specify the joystick current position between -1 and +1, 0 being the central position. The button of joystick elements define the pressing condition of the joystick button. If depressed, they return the logic flag of validity.
Note: During the program run the inalterability of the joystick data is ensured till the next moment of the waiting service.

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