The outputting of the picture drawing takes place into the graphic layer. To ensure the visibility it is therefore necessary to enable the sheet items to be transparent by filling them out with a transparent color.
Image bm680.GIF draw picture
Image bm681.GIF retain cutout from sheet as picture
Image bm682.GIF transparency
Image bm683.GIF picture identity
Image bm684.GIF picture width
Image bm685.GIF picture height
Image bm686.GIF horizontal flip of picture
Image bm687.GIF vertical flip of picture
Image bm688.GIF change picture size
Image bm689.GIF change brightness of picture
Image bm690.GIF rotate picture
Image bm691.GIF picture masking
Image bm692.GIF exchange colors
Image bm693.GIF replace color
Image bm694.GIF convert sheet to picture
Image bm695.GIF convert item to picture
Image bm696.GIF print picture
Note: If size of the window is set to half size of the graphic sheet then the multicolor (TRUE COLOR) mode of the program is activated. The graphic sheet is reduced to half of its size with conversion to the TRUE COLOR before it is displayed on the screen. It enables display photographies in original color quality (if they are loaded into program in double size).

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