Image bm335.GIF Mouse
Image bm459.GIF mouse position in horizontal direction
Image bm460.GIF mouse position in vertical direction
The elements of the mouse positions serve to find out the current position of the mouse cursor. They return a numeric value related to the lower left sheet corner. The coordinates may also be situated outside the sheet boundaries. By using the elements as commands the position of the mouse cursor can be set.
Image bm461.GIF left mouse button is held
Image bm462.GIF right mouse button is held
The mouse button is held elements return the logic flag informing that the relevant mouse button is pressed and held.
Image bm463.GIF click by left mouse button
Image bm464.GIF click by right mouse button
Image bm465.GIF double click by left mouse button
Image bm466.GIF double click by right mouse button
The click and double click by mouse button elements serve to test the fact, whether the relevant mouse button has been pressed. The flag of clicking does not depend on the fact that the key has been released in the meantime. The flag is reset after each test. When clicking with the mouse button for the first time only the click flag is set. If the following click is carried out during a sufficiently short time interval (depending on the mouse feature setting in the Windows system settings), the mouse double click flag is set, too.
Image bm467.GIF mouse test in the region
Image bm468.GIF setting shape of mouse cursor
Note: During the program run the inalterability of the mouse data is ensured till the next moment of the waiting service. This concerns above all the mouse cursor position and the key pressing.

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