Image bm619.GIF Color Constant
The color for graphic functions is expressed by the integer term color = red + green*256 + blue*256*256 + (255-alpha)*256*256*256, where the individual color components may assume values ranging between 0 and 255.
The alpha component determines the color transparency. Its significance is above all in using with the 3D graphics. Its value may range between 0=transparent color and 255=opaque color. With usual colors of the 2D graphics the alpha component does not need to be used (By setting its value equal 255 the last statement term will not assert itself). By specifying the $FF000000 numeric code instead of the color the transparent color can be selected. By entering the $70000000 code the shadow color will be used.
The color constant returns a numeric value for the color selected. The color value is set by selecting it from among possible color values by double clicking or pressing Enter on the color constant.
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