Image bm120.GIF Peter - Step
By entering the Peter - step command Peter will carry out a step forwards in the direction of his position after rotation. No step will be executed outside the sheet boundaries. The length of one step corresponds to the distance of two neighboring squares (i.e. 32 graphic pixels). The final position for the step destination is rounded to units of squares. Normally Peter can be rotated in 4 directions (right, up, left, down). By redefining the sprite of Peter the number of possible directions can be augmented to 8, Peter being able to step diagonally, too. During Peter's step execution of the program is held up, unlike during Lucy's step execution. Here the program keeps on running after the initiation of the stepping activity. In the case of a previous command to pass to the entered coordinate it will be waited until the shift is completed before the step can be performed.

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