Special Machines Building for Solar Technology
Roznov p.R., Czech Republic - Mumbai, India
Photo Documentation for Project "100 Mega Watt", February 2007

SQM 2800.0 - The New Machine

SQM 2800.0 squaring machine. SQM 2800.0 squaring machine.

Si ingots as grown before squaring centered on the SQM 2800.0 machine. Two diamond bands squaring Si ingot - SQM 2800.0 machine.

Squared Si ingot - 156 x 156 x 800 mm. QSM 2800.0 in action.
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(c) 2007
Gemtree Software & RNDr. Karel Vojtechovsky --- Shubha & Ravi
Roznov pod Radhostem, The Czech Republic --- Bangalore, India

Intellectual, production, & financial bases - Silicon 2008, new technologies & machines AWSM, SQM for slicing of Si ingots and other hard materials